Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In high school I took Home Ec., well it was either that or Ag. (no thanks!) Starting our Freshmen year we started learning to sew! Freshmen year we had to make a clothing article and then Sophomore, Jr. and Sr. year we made quilts. While I'm not an expert or amazing at sewing but I really enjoyed it. Recently I decided that I would like to start up sewing again! I now have everything that I need to get started with so here it goes, wish me luck!

Rotary cutter, ruler, pins, seem ripper and thread
from Ben for my birthday!

Amazing Book from Bookman!

Sewing machine I got for Christmas from my parents!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Thursday and Friday Ben's Aunt Cindy and two boys(Steven & Andrew) came up from Camp Pendleton to spend Andrew's birthday with us! Our plans were changed a few times but we still had a great time! Thursday morning we went and visited the Page Museum and La Brea Tar pits. Ben and I have really been meaning to go and check this place out but just haven't had time.

The Page Museum houses the Earth's richest and largest and important Ice Age fossil collection. We were able to watch paleontologists at work and see scenes showing Southern California and North America how they were thousands of years ago. One thing that I learned was there are NO dinosaur bones here, the dinosaurs were extinct way before the tar pits were formed! Here are just a few things we saw:

Later Thursday evening we went to the Pirate Dinner show! Last summer when Ben's Nanny and Papa and his cousin Grant came to visit we all went to the Medieval Times Dinner show and had a blast so we were really excited to see the Pirate Show! We couldn't decide which we liked better and agreed that both were really fun! The Pirate Show was very interactive, Ben, Steven and Andrew got to play parts in the show!

Ben and I LOVE having his Aunt Cindy, Uncle David and cousins so close, they are lots of fun and things are never boring! So if you're in Southern California for a few days I definitely recommend checking these places out, ESPECIALLY the museum!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This perhaps is my favorite place in Southern California! I know right I actually have a "favorite" in California! Ben and I happened upon this wonderful bookstore a couple of months ago when we were out driving around. Bookman sells used out-of-print and unique books. Books ARE EVERYWHERE! Ceiling to floor and door to wall everywhere you turn books! Its a readers paradise! AND the kicker is that its inexpensive which makes my heart happy. I think that one of the highlights about the store is that outside in front they have 4 or 5 racks of books which costs 92 cents so plus tax its a dollar! *sigh* I love this place! Ben and I have spent countless hours here, sometimes I just park myself in the floor and read! So if you ever come to visit I promise that we'll take you to visit!

Here are a few pictures so you can see how wonderful it truly is!