Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Popeye Ain't Got Nothin On These

In honor of St. Patrick's day next Thursday I decided to send a little treat with Ben to the youth tonight. The past couple of months Ben and I have been trying to eat healthier and not eat out as much as we have in the past. Since eating healthier I have found quite a few blogs with great healthy, yummy recipes! Today while looking at I discovered this great cupcake recipe and thought I should make these and see if their good or not! The thing I love about this recipe is that its really easy, doesn't make a huge mess, has only 3 ingredients, is super yummy and has SPINACH in them! (You wouldn't even know it, can't taste it at all!) So if you're looking for a easy, yummy, GREEN snack to take to work or school or just have at home for St. Patty's day these would be perfect! To check out the recipe click here!

Here are a few pictures of my afternoon of baking! Enjoy!



Yep, its GREEN!

Ben enjoying his cupcake!