Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Childhood Memories

Today at lunch Melissa and I warmed up some microwave meals, since we both had to be at work and it was quick. Of course I haven't come across a microwave meal that has satisfied my hunger. I eat them more like snacks between meals, its like a meal before a meal which is nice especially when they compliment each other.

Anyways, I needed something else to eat if I was going to make it to dinner, so Melissa suggested a hot dog and cheese in a tortilla. I have heard her talk about this before, but have never really had a desire to try it. I did. It was actually pretty good. However, it reminded me of nacho cheese rollups. This was a meal that went horribly wrong on an afternoon when my mother was sick and my sister decided to fix us some lunch. It consisted of a tortilla, cheese, and tortilla chips microwaved. I was already feeling upset because my mom was puking and the lunch did not help me out.

After remembering this I was thinking of other funny childhood memories and decided that Melissa and I would both share one from our lives.

The first one is about me.

I have a lot of funny stories...I was a funny kid. To narrow down to just one is hard to do. One of the ones that I find particularly funny is about my sister and me. My sister could be really mean. First off, she would never call me brother, and only called me Ben. This caused significant psychological damage. I would cry and beg my mom to make her call me brother, but she refused. I say that to set up what she did to me. She told she had an evil twin. Like all good, naive, little brothers I believed her. She told me her name was Bessica (like Jessica, which is her name, but with a "B") this terrified me. First off why didn't my parents tell me that she had a twin, and why did this twin no longer live with us. Obviously she was so evil that she could not live with because it would put our lives in danger. Second, did Bessica know where we lived and would she try to seek revenge on the family that deemed her as an outcast. Third, was my name really even Ben. If this information has been held from me what else is being hidden from me? Maybe I also had an evil twin named Ven, or Jen, or maybe Ken!! I would never know. I was scared, I cried and it took some convincing from my mom to know that this wasn't true.

One of my favorite stories about Melissa when she was young was the time she found her way into some diapers. She says she doesn't remember it, and I believe her. But from I have gathered she was about 7 years old and her youngest sister was just a tiny one. There were some cloth diapers in the house and after they were used they were rinsed out in the toilet. One night I guess Melissa was feeling a little too clean while she slept and decided to do some sleep walking to where the dirty diapers were stashed. There was a commotion going on and Melissa was found rubbing dirty diapers over her legs. HAHAHA....that just cracks me up.

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