Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Move on over Mr. Clark

If you haven't noticed yet Ben is not a very consistent blogger. I love the man to pieces but he needs a little help when it comes organizing and getting things accomplished. Since we've been married I've been teaching him a few things, like writing out lists and prioritizing tasks so that things will get done, instead of doing them the night before or the day before an event is to take place. He has gotten a lot better and hopefully by the end of the year will be a pro!

We haven't had a post for a couple of weeks due to the fact of Ben procrastinating and putting off doing his field practicum which he has to do 90hrs. by Feb. 13th. I know, I know baby steps, he is getting better I promise! :) Since Ben will be indisposed for a couple of weeks I decided that I'll try my hand at this blogging thing! Now, I'm not a writer like Ben, I don't like to write down my deep thoughts and I'm definitely not funny but hopefully I can find a few interesting things to post about while Ben is away!


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