Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear Blog, It's been awhile

I haven't updated in awhile and I am sorry. I know that you all have been dying to hear about what has been going on. Part of me wanted to write a blog to top our children/cat relation blog. I have come to the realization that some of our blogs will be boring. Maybe not this one though. I have been thinking a lot about marriage... particularly my own. I love being married, and I love my wife. I have mostly been thinking about the things that I have learned in just the short nine months Melissa and I have been married. If there is one thing that I have learned it's don't underestimate proportion sizes. Melissa is petite...I am not so petite. I'm sure this subject would be different if we were both the same size and ate the same amounts, but that also might be a little awkward (not that we wouldn't love each the same).

Both Melissa and I enjoy cooking, so we share and both cook for each other. Now when I cook I like big meals i.e. chicken fried steak w/gravy, mashed potatoes w/more gravy, green beans, salad, and of course a big glass of ice tea to wash it down. When Melissa cooks she likes small but complete meals i.e. a chicken strip usually marinated in some type of dressing, and a side salad.

Now both of us like both types of meals, except where I see an everyday dinner, Melissa sees a Sunday lunch (which are always big in OK). Needless to say, when I cook I have to finish off Melissa's meal, and when she cooks I'm usually rummaging through cupboards 30 mins later to fill in the empty spaces in my stomach.

I soon figured out that this lesson in marriage was about compromise, and we have done just that. Instead of cooking medium sized meals we'll usually cook something that can fill me up and then serve ourselves. The problem was never how much one of us prepared it was when we tried to be nice and prepare each others plates. So now I can have as much as I want, and she can eat as much as she wants (and then I can have the leftovers as well).

We have also compromised by buying Melissa sized items, and Ben sized items. This doesn't always have to deal with food either. I have posted some pics below to demonstrate what I mean by Melissa sized and Ben sized.

Me holding normal sized wine glass

Melissa holding the same glass

Melissa sized watermelon

Melissa holding Ben sized pen

Ben sized calculator

Melissa sized glass (usually filled only half way)

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  1. Sorry about the picture captions, I'm sure you can figure out what goes with what