Friday, August 20, 2010

16 and NOT pregnant!

So lately Melissa has got on this kick of watching the MTV show 16 and Pregnant. And since she does have the computer tied up watching them I sometimes sit down and gather in a few moments of the shows. It is sad to see some of the girls and the insecurities they have. It's heartbreaking to watch their stories. I was reminded of how blessed Melissa and I are. I also know that I will be well prepared to have a kid someday because I have a cat. There are a lot of similarities between children and cats. Our lovely cat Jenga keeps us entertained as I assume our children will also. I have decided to compile a list of a few things that Jenga has helped me see what my future will be like, and some things that I hope I can train my child to do that I have trained Jenga to do.

1. Jenga has pooped and peed on me
No doubt this will happen often with my children.

2. Jenga now uses a litter box
Hopefully I can train my child to do the same that way we can eliminate #1 above
(the litter box is pre-toilet of course)

3. Jenga is easily distracted by shiny objects and things that fly
When I need a few moments to recuperate I can just toss my keys across the room hopefully that will buy at least ten minuets.

4. As long as I keep food and water in Jenga's bowl
she is satisfied

I hope this works the same way for Ben Jr.

5. If Jenga somehow does get annoyed with me I just have to give her a treat that tastes like fish
I think this will be more beneficial in the teen years. Just have to find edible fish crackers. If I can't I am sure an actual cat treat won't hurt the kid.

6. Is it ethical to get your child declawed?

7. I can leave Jenga by herself for a few hours and not worry about coming home to a dead cat. Still working out how I can do this with my kid.

8. Jenga sits at the table until all of our food is gone Hopefully little Ben/Melissa will not be looking for a few scraps, and eat there smashed up green beans.

9. Jenga meows relentlessly until she gets some

Not looking forward to the crying, mainly because I am a softy and will give in.


10. Unlike Jenga... my child will learn how to do more household chores This will benefit me because then I won't have to do as many.


  1. hahahaha DUDE.. Im lovin #3.. 6, 7 are pretty good as well. Good work son.

  2. lol I had never thought to compare the two! But you two will be SUPER parents! :)

  3. i love the picture, she's the cutest kitty niece i have!