Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eventful Days

It had been awhile since we have posted anything. Mainly because we have been crazy busy! But there has been a lot of eventful happenings going on in the past few days. I got back from youth camp this past Friday... and it was amazing! It was emotionally, spiritually, and physically lifting and exhausting at the same time. God did some amazing things, and just when you think God is wrapping some stuff up He slaps and says I'm never done and deal out some more. It is truly amazing.

Two days after I returned from camp Melissa's brother and youngest sister flew into town and we have been busy catching up and entertaining (which is always fun). Sunday we let them sleep and then took them to down town Disney where we fought the crowds and watched fireworks.

Monday we went to the San Diego Zoo (where Melissa and I got to activate are Zoo season passes). It was good times seeing all the animals. We even saw this big crane like bird snatch up and eat a baby duck!

Tuesday (today) we went up to NBC studios in Burbank and watched a taping of the tonight show where Jay Leno gave me a high five, and we saw Betty White who is hilarious. We got there early and got great seats! We set on the floor right in front of the stage.

Tomorrow we head the happiest place on earth...Disneyland!! It's going to be good times!

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