Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Typical Tuesday (nothing insightful)

Today was a typical Tuesday. I have started to dread Tuesdays. A typical Tuesday will consist of waking up and heading to the church or running errands that need to be done, that is if I'm not working a morning shift at Barnes & Noble. If I have Tuesday mornings off like I did today I will generally try to spend time with Melissa, because it will be the only time i get with her on this day. We ended up doing laundry this morning which is not the best time spent with the one you love, but apparently my clothes were reeking of corn chips and butt as Melissa would say. I then spend time in my office being productive by researching the newest version of dodge ball, reading tweets and facebook statuses, and gathering crazy ideas that I can test on the youth group.

After I have poured creative juices into my morning it is off to staff meeting. I look forward to staff meeting, it allows me to toss around ideas and sit around with the other staff of the church. It's one of the times when I'm reminded that I have a say in things and that being the youth pastor means I am not just doing another pointless dead end job like selling the NOOK, or unpacking shipment at Old Navy. I am actually fulfilling the purpose that God has laid out for me at this time in my life. I feel like I am making a difference, even though not all of my ideas are considered (and that's a good thing because some of my ideas consist of the head pastor dressing up like a robot to illustrate his sermon).

After staff I hurry down the freeway, well not really because by this time the freeway is blocked up with bumper to bumper traffic, to go to class. I then sit in class and usually think about everything but what is being taught to me. I then come home kiss my wife hello and thank God because tomorrow is Wednesday, the second busiest day of my week.

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